The Terracotta Warriors at the Franklin Institute

The Lampeter Strasburg Asian Culture club and Mr. Fisher's Mandarin Chinese classes were invited on a trip to the Franklin Institute to see the Terracotta Warriors on November 11,2017. Out of the estimated 8,000 Terracotta Warriors, ten were on display at the museum. History of the Terracotta Warriors Let me give you a brief history… Continue reading The Terracotta Warriors at the Franklin Institute


Ready? Set, Go! The Holiday Season

     I think it would be safe to assume that you've heard Christmas songs by now. I mean it is November 7 and the Hallmark channel started its famous (or infamous) Christmas movies on October 27,2017. Personally, I believe that Christmas music should start after Thanksgiving; not on October 27, Halloween hasn't passed yet!… Continue reading Ready? Set, Go! The Holiday Season